Cricket Trailer

TAXA Outdoors Cricket Trailer Reviews

The Cricket Trailer was designed to be everything an outdoor enthusiast needs, without the extra bulk and weight. Thanks to a lightweight composite and aluminum construction coupled with an oddly-shaped, aerodynamic design, a Cricket Trailer can be towed to the camp site by the vehicle you already own, be it a compact 4-cylinder car or a mid-size truck.

Product Reviews

Perfect little camper

My wife and I researched for months to find the right trailer for us. We wanted something that was light to tow, could be stored in our garage, could sleep two adults and two kids, and felt like we were still outside instead of inside an RV. It does the trick on all fronts and has been totally worth the investment. The biggest realization we’ve had is that it’s awesome for storing gear as well. We just keep everything in it, hitch it up and go. Other collapsibles don’t allow this. It would be nice to have an outdoor kitchen but the big backdoor is great to leave open at night.

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